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        Omega Zone was established in 1998. It has grown into a site featuring  its own branded logo MMA first quality figthtwear plus retailers that specialize in edgy, extreme sportswear clothing     
        from sportswear designers in the retail fashion design industry. We believe our logo lends itself to the genre of MMA clothing, equipment and gear in tune with today's market.

        We are the Omega Zone. The “end” search for popular and cutting edge extreme sportswear clothing styles.

        We feature our own brand of merchandise along with a group of select merchants that host extreme sportswear,  at great prices that you won’t find anywhere else.
        Omega Zone is truly your best stop for all things in extreme sportswear. We bring you access to all types of extreme sportswear brands for your own unique style.
        We have access to merchants featuring MMA clothing brands such as UFC apparel and Affliction apparel to Board Sportswear and Urban Street Wear!

        Extreme Sportswear-When you’ve looked everywhere else….

        Omega Zone’s founders previously worked with clothing designers, manufacturers, and models within the fashion industry through events, merchandising conventions, fashion trade shows, etc.                    Collectively we have participated in a wide variety of sports, including:
        Surfing, racquetball, karate, boxing, skateboard, volleyball, marathon running, certified scuba diving, snorkeling, competive diving, aerobics instructor, weight training,
        competitive swim, competitive water polo, competitive small arms tourneys, golf, biking, hiking, water skiing, snow skiing, snowboard, bowling, tennis, baseball, softball, basketball,
        soccer, aerobics, football, etc.

        What is our continuing motivation to be in this business? Simply that with the popularity of extreme sportswear- many customers are looking for the “hook up”  to quality merchandise.
        We love being able to help make that happen. Omega Zone is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  
       We are huge fans of MMA/UFC!

        You will find that our own branded merchandise is available on our "store" link directly to Ebay  and help to reflects the most asked for MMA items in the market today.

        CONTACT US
        Omega Zone
        P.O. Box 750423
        Las Vegas, NV 89136-0423
        Ph 702-509-1034

        cjones@omegazone.com, Marketing
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These vendors may be of service to you:
Well, how did we do it?  How did we go from "there" to "HERE"?!
By finding the right suppliers to fulfill our need for quality Omegazone merchandise that would represent our vision for an easy to use marketplace focusing on Extreme Sportswear and related interests. 

Other vendors that we've selected and placed on Omega Zone web site make it easy to fulfill our customers need.  We thought it would be a cool idea to share those opportunities with you as well.

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