What is the focus of your web site?
Omega Zone's intention is to be the last place you look.
Because the last place you look is usually the place where you find "it"-whatever it is you were searching for.
For current  extreme sportswear clothing trends- we provide access to everything from Exclusively branded Omegazone  sublimated Fight Shorts,
Omegazone MMA Fight Gloves, Omegazone Shinguards, and more!  We also host links to popular brands such as Affliction , UFC, Bad Boy, etc.
Your choice should be Omega Zone.   Add to your "Favorites" bar- you'll be back!

How else can I find Omegazone merchandise?
Most common question we get.  For starters, Omegazone is available to the public on our site for direct purchases- on Ebay. for those who participate in martial arts as a student, amateur or pro, we are expanding our outreach to the public by extending our merchandise through gyms and martial arts studios through our association with Ebay and Paypal.

I'm an Amateur ranked fighter, how can I get sponsorship through Omegazone?
Simple enough!  Omegazone will consider Amateurs who have established a record on the Ammy circuit.  We will consider win/loss record,
discipline studied, MMA industry focus for Pro career and the gym or studio where you train.  email directly to cjones@omegazone.com for more details.

I own a gym and have a competing team we sponsor- can you help us out?
We would certainly consider sponsorship of your team or team members if your gym carries or features some or all of our line of merchandise.

How often will your content change or update?
Omega Zone content will most likely update frequently- new blog information will be posted with new entries from the public for all to view.
You’ll find interesting articles, opinions, information, and a sharing network of interested extreme sports enthusiasts, athletes and fans!

Beyond shopping for specific MMA labels, what else will I find here?
Lots of stuff! Beyond our huge selection of sportswear and related merchandise, you’ll find  recently added retailers - these will include the clothing lines they carry and should shorten your shopping search time considerably.  Social networking sites announcing Omega Zone  marketing opportunities or promotional activities you may want to take part in. You’ll also find new Omega Zone logo merchandise as it develops posted in our " Omega Store"  through Ebay.
Share our site with the community at large!

What sorts of "Promotional" events or activities will be available?
Well, since Las Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world, we're developing some "flash mob" events to promote and publicize our brand and web site. We'll have simple choreography available through Youtube and posting dates when these events will take place. We’ll offer free Omega Zone swag to participants and lots of fun. Plan to be a part of our first flash mob event in Vegas- join our Facebook, Twitter and other social media venues to receive updates about these fun events!   These events will be gears towards our Board Sports enthusiasts.

For our MMA interests- Omega Zone is involved in direct sponsorship of MMA  Amateurs.  You will find bios, pics and vids on our front page and info page.


We are reviewing local, Amateur MMA  Fighters for sponsorship and promotional vids..............stay tuned!
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